There are four main areas in which companies can strengthen there borders to prevent loss or breaches:

 The days of believing that responsibility for protecting a company from criminals lay with IT departments and risk and compliance functions is long over, all parts of a modern business need to be involved in the conversation and the solution.

Awareness of and training in how criminals operate and the latest techniques employed is essential for all organisations to ensure that they remain resilient to attack. 

With cyber security events involving cloud-based storage, the potential to recover in a timely and complete manner may rely upon having received training and guidance in your contract negotiations prior to migrating to the cloud.

We specialise in developing bespoke client training to meet the needs of the client and industry in which they operate, to ensure that maximum benefit is created and learning objectives are met. Through our associates and global partners, we are able to offer training at all levels of business, from the boardroom to the shop floor.