“There are only two types of organisations, those impacted by fraud and cyber-crime, and those who have not discovered it yet”.

Having trouble understanding what is happening with cyber-crime and how it is going to impact your organisation? You are not alone, lack of preparation for the cyber-crime age is alone one of the biggest risks that companies face. 

  • Did you know that organisations from start-ups to large corporations have never been more interconnected and interdependent than they are in today's business environment.  At the same time, organised and lone wolf criminals have taken to new technologies in ways that have been under-estimated by many in the risk world. 
  • Did you know Cyber-crime is not just about criminals trying to break into systems, but includes crimes committed using a computer or system in someway to facilitate the crime, therefore in modern day business, cyber-crime includes what could be termed "normal" fraudulent or financial crimes.
  • Did you know that cyber-crimes are now a greater cost to society than illegal-drug trafficking, in size and scale, and is estimated to cost $US 3 trillion dollars per year  or more by the year 2020, that's right, three years from now.  Whether it is data or private information, or fraudulently obtaining monies, the impacts are real and simply insuring against them is not an option in a highly regulated business world, especially where compulsory data breach notifications create further risk.

With our help, your organisation can build a business resilience to cyber-crime, understanding what it really is you have to protect, what the gateways are for the criminals to enter your systems and your business. Help you prepare for the day you discover you have been subject to a breach, assuming you haven't discovered the breach yet, because there are only two types of companies, those who have been breached and those who have not discovered it yet.

Our team of experts, have over thirty years of risk management, data analytics and high-level investigation experience, many hold doctorates, or masters degrees in their chosen field and are regarded as expert witnesses in most jurisdictions.

It all commences with an assessment of your risks, gateways and best way forward, so make contact now.