Hurrell Global is a licenced investigation company with over thirty years experience in all types of investigations.  Our investigators are hand-picked from a mix of former law enforcement and business risk professionals, to ensure we only provide the most ethical and professional services lacking in some other providers.

Hurrell Global uses a mix of technology based and traditional investigation techniques, to ensure all relevant information is legally obtained and presented professionally and ethically to, or on behalf of clients.  With our international associations through business partners, we can arrange investigations and recovery actions at short notice, anywhere we have assets, which includes licenced investigation companies in China and India.

We have also created long term associations with specialist investigators and examiners, all of whom are expert witnesses, experienced in giving court evidence in their areas of specialisation.

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Through our forensic network, Hurrell Global Risk can also provide

  • Forensic IT services
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud data analytics and analysis
  • Fire cause and origin investigations

Legal Note: Our practices are at all times ethical and professional, all deep-web information is gathered from open-sources only. We do not and will not break into social media accounts or data sets, nor do we create false relationships with social media users or holders of information for that purpose.