The resilience of any business to fraud, cyber-crime, or other forms of financial crime, is  key to its long term goals and success. Unfortunately we have seen many organisations, of all sizes,  who have failed to plan and protect themselves from these risks, resulting in loss and failure that could have been avoided.  Systems and software can only protect so much,  these events involve criminals looking for the weakest link in the chain, be that a system, employee or through your supply chain or a combination of all three.

With greater regulatory demands and more litigious shareholders, organisations and the boards which govern them need to ensure they have done all humanly possible to reduce the risk of a data breach or large monetary loss.

Hurrell Global provides a personal service where the assigned consultant will be involved in the provision of service from day one to the final outcome, keeping you updated and informed at all stages of the engagement and ensuring that all reporting meets the clients needs.

Our team can provide the following strategies and services to you

  • Fraud Risk Control Plans
  • Anti-money laundering compliance audits and assessments
  • Cyber crime prevention
  • Comprehensive financial crime risk assessment software
  • Design and delivery of company policy and operational standards
  • Enhanced due diligence for all customers, employees and vendors 
  • Board and C-suite awareness presentations
  • Staff, vendor and customer awareness and resilience training
  • Investigative Journalism support