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With over thirty years experience in government and corporate environments, Hurrell & Associates provides investigation and risk services throughout New Zealand and overseas.  As a recognised leader within the investigations and risk environments, our range of services reflect the depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and experience in central and local government as well as corporate and small and medium sized business.

We are backed by a large association of investigations and risk professionals through our global network, allowing us to ensure that quality and timeliness are not impacted during the investigation or management processes..


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  BUSINESS RESILIENCE   We work with your business to identify and mitigate the operational risks encountered in financial crime and cyber-crime, utilising over thirty years experience dealing with risks and criminals, as well as the latest technology.



  FORENSIC SERVICES   The ability to investigate and seek recovery from events that impact you or your business requires a team of investigators, such as Hurrell Global Risk, who can operate locally or internationally in a timely, confidential and professional manner.



  INSURANCE SERVICES   Hurrell Global Risk are leaders in claims risk mitigation, investigation and underwriting risk assessments within Australasia and Asia-Pacific and have been involved in factual and claim fraud investigations for over thirty years.



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